Monday, December 5, 2011

What a Day!

My week-end has come and gone. Payosa was very glad when I took her neck guard off. She shook all over to express her gratitude. My brother came to the trailer Sunday to meet an electrician to fix the heater. The problem this whole time has been a loose wire. I am so thankful it is fixed. It has been really cold with those space heaters.

My Monday morning started with a panic. I fell back to sleep after my alarm clock went off; I guess I was still sleepy from the laundry I did yesterday. I had to hurry! I hate that feeling of urgency. My drive to work is a 45 minute drive or longer depending on traffic and the weather. I finally started to relax 15 minutes into my trip. I got to work and called my BFF in VA. (We met each other though a chat room.) I chatted with her for a little while and she was sharing her week-end with her grandbabies. She had a great time. :) She knows I have been looking for a pair of coveralls for my boyfriend. I finally found a pair of Dickie Coveralls at The cheapest I have seen so far. It will cost 54.00 with tax. It will ship for free so I can beat that really. I just have to get it ordered by Friday. I am going to be smart and not mail that to home because he is too nosy about things. I will wrap it at work and make him carry it into the house though. :)

Work has been a whirlwind. It is now 3:20pm and I am beat. I am so ready to go home and kick off my shoes. I am ready to see my sweetheart.

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