Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My goodness. My days are running together here lately. The last few days at work have been a "BEAR" with the demands of Christmas. Many of the high demand items have already ran out for the season. It makes it hard to tell the customers we don't have that any longer. I was glad to leave at the end of the day Monday. The rain was pouring down hard. I was so tired by time I made my commute home. Sweetness (my boyfriend) met me on the porch. He was so proud and excited. He had to show me the egg Hinnie (I am assuming Hinnie because Ginnie has been malting.) had laid. I thought how cute. :)

I ate my supper made a few telephone calls and got ready for bed. I was so tired that I was asleep by 8pm. I got up this morning thinking "Am I really ready do this again?" I am feeling so burned out and looking forward to having time away during Christmas.
December used to be a very hard month for me. I would cry the entire month because Christmas depressed me. I missed the bygone area of when I was a child. It has been different the last few years because being in a relationship now. I am antipatcing seeing him open his packages Christmas morning. He was like a little child last year. He tried on or used what I bought him as soon as he opened the packages. It made me smile. :) I have ordered a pair of brown Dickie Coveralls from Wal-Mart's website. I am hoping that I will get them in plenty of time before Christmas. I plan on buying him a small item but not quite sure what the small item will be. He seems to have everything on the planet. I just have to ponder it. Well, time to go. Bye!!

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