Monday, April 16, 2012

Facebook Like & Copy, Paste, Post OVERLOAD

I am sure this has been a question many have wondered but why the  heck does people like everything from my puppy sneezed to I have a raging temperature of 120? (I know, I know I exaggerated. Well alright maybe closer to 103 but you get the gist.) It drives me crazy. Now the funny thing about this post is I would not mind you clicking "like" if I posted this on Facebook because the situation would be appropriate but would I not contributing to the thing that already drives me crazy? (No, I don't lie awake at night contemplating this and that it is a controversy to drive Millie crazy even though it does!)  I don't understand how Facebook can not do one of those "updates" so we could have several other cool buttons to click on. They could get really creative and put many other icons on the page to choose from.
Thumbs down for don't like. Two thumbs up for agree.
We could be really hip and make it a side ways thumb if you think the person is a cool cat. (Hmm, that is really dating me. Oh no!) No, lets not do the middle finger icon even though many of us have had that thought race through our head. (Yes, sadly I admit I have. Maybe even silently cursing to myself about the stupidity of someone's post.)
Why not add some smiley with a eyes roll when a person posts something that is so outlandish none of us agree with it. We could get more creative with a paper shredder icon. Use that as a comment when someone says copy, paste, and post if you love your 10 cousin removed. I would fill the page up with that icon. No, I am not going to become some evil person with hair growing on my elbows and out my ears because I didn't post the Facebook's version of a remorse filled chain letter about long lost loved one.  Sorry it doesn't work that way. Uggggh, anyway I could go on and on about we could include a bunch of really cool graphics to destroy a post with a bulls eye icon and gun or even add rain bows and butterflies to pretty up the page but there is a simple fix. Facebook needs to add the dislike button everybody has been asking for a long time and Millie can feel free not to punch her computer screen when someone "likes" something really stupid. Now that I have ranted long enough I know you really wish you could like this post. (lol)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello from one of the worst bloggers in the world!

I am someone who loves to write but it seems like a chore to make myself. What happen? I became an adult and had to pay bills so that requires me to go to work? Oh yeah, well at least I will make that my excuse anyway. First I must tidy up a bit before I sit down. Let me get those cob webs out of the corner. Ick, nasty. I always hated clean those things out. Let me clean off this chair. Aaaaa chooooo! My word I created a massive cloud of dust. I hope I can see to type.

Any how, where to start? My life mostly consists of commute, work, commute, and home. I spend some time with my honey and go to bed to start it all over again. A few funny things to share before getting into deep thought mode. My boyfriend is Hispanic so he gets tickled over some of the things I say. The one thing I have been saying here lately when he ticks me off is “Goodness!” so he has started saying it in fun. He will give me that sly grin and say “Goodness”. The other thing is how he gets embarrassed when I tell my mom something smart alec comment he makes. He shakes his head embarrassed and says “No say nothing, no say nothing.” He has great respect for my mother so he doesn’t want me to tattle tail on him even if it’s funny.

What inspirational thing can I come to empower my readers? Hmmmm, several things have happen as of late. One is how people can be so prejudice and adamant about their opinion that they bull doze anyone in their path. This is usually done without any care to the person's feelings they just bull dozed. I really think that is sad and pathetic but a supervisor once told me "The only person's behavior you can change is your own." It is really is true. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t annoy the heck out of me though.

I saw a quote once that said "Prejudice is a lazy man's substitute for thought." I truly believe that. I feel a person gets an exemption of that when they are a child but I think that is null and void when a person becomes an adult and is at that age of accountability. I was in a discussion on a message board that was bashing people who were on food stamps. Who has the right to tell a person that they are a low life piece of crap because they are on government assistance? Too many people jumped to an assumption that a person is the way they are because they choose to be that way. Some people can not help the economic situation they are in. I think that is wrong. They just assume the person wants a hand out when they are in a moment of desperation. Don't give me wrong, I hate someone who thinks they are entitled. They are some people out there who are willing to lie and cheat the system. That annoys me just as much as the people blasting the person who really needs assistance.

Another area that is pet peeve of mine is when people have a total lack of respect for others. I have seen it many times. I have seen it in families, friends and even co-workers. A step sibling of mine has felt the need to spread lies and vicious rumors simply because she is jealous so I have extracted her from my life. Some people may say that is so rude and disrespect. The disrespect would be for me by continuing to let it happen. I thought less need for drama. I can create that on my own.

My fiancĂ©e’s friend is one of the worse for disrespect. He thinks he can drive around in that truck of his driving from house to house blowing the horn as soon as he pulls in their driveway. Ummmm dude get you rear end out of your truck and knock on the door like a normal human being. We don’t fly out the door at you ever whim and wish. Have respect for us and our neighbors you numb skull! This same guy can get a little drunk and act like a total back side and think I don’t know why you are mad. I don’t remember what I said. Ok, do you need me to refresh your inebriated mind? You treat my friend like total garbage and think you still love her because she is the mother to your children? Who are you kidding? You don’t love her like a true man is supposed to love his lady. You are a boy that just happens to be an adult. The one finger salute doesn’t get you any where in my world either. I am sorry the drunken excuse does not get you a pass.

I have another friend who is angry because her boy friend of two years moved out of her house because he got mad at her over onions. Onions? Seriously! She asked him to put them in a bag to keep the smell down. He got offended that she said he stunk. I am like geeee dude. Sensitive much? I say this to say life is not always about you. You must respect others around you to have respect. I use to be the worse person about screaming and yelling life is not fair and you don’t treat me right. I screamed it a lot but to have respect you must give respect. I have strived to be better about this. I am not perfect and never will claim to be but the lack of the basic concept in others annoys the H E double sticks out of me!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Okay primal scream over. You can uncover your ears. Hehehehe

I have been rattling along and did not update you about my four legged children. Payosa is still hyper! I think we need to install a runner for her so she can wear her self out. One of my friend’s children come and run her hard so she gets excited when she sees them coming.

Perry and Peachy have been spayed so there are in the recovery time. They have not had major problems so I am thankful. There has been a pleasant odd thing develop from Peachy being spayed. She has become a love bug and a lap kitty. She was so skittish before you had to sneak up on her to pet her. It is intriguiging to see how it has changed her personality. Hopefully, she will stay close to the house and not go as far as she has been. She loves the woods behind our house. Perry walked us to the car this morning. I love that my animals are doing well. I already told my sweetie pie that there is not to be any more animals to come to the house. Three is enough! Well, gotta jet. Lots to do. Bye!