Friday, December 2, 2011


The name of my blog is simple because I love Window Seats. One gets to have the grand seat front and center of life. My Window Seat has not always been the view of great blue skies and tweeting birds but its my window seat and I have learned to adjust to the changes. I divorced the early part of this year but it was more of a legal formality for me. We had already been separated two years at this point. The best way I can explain the official and legal desolation of my marriage is putting a "." and the end of a badly formatted run on sentence. I realize it was my decision to structure that run on sentence but It would have been nice to have a grammar and spell check on potential husbands and marriages. (There was fault on my side too.) I miss his family more then I miss him. I know that sounds so selfish but my mother-in-law was the best. She was regal, sweet, kind and understanding. I loved her so much.

I am now in a relationship with a wonderful man who treats me like I am a princess. I call him all kinds of pet names; his friend's teased him because I called him Baby all the time. My new nickname is sweetness. We have had our challenges because the Spanish/English language barrier but it is coming along. I have discovered not to tell him something with a slang word because he will take it literally. One instance I can think of is when I said, "I am sick of this!" I was very upset about my windshield wiper still malfunctioning after several repairs . He asked me if I was sick and I said "No, I am not sick?" He replied with "You said you was sick." I was confused until I remembered he was referring to my comment about my wiper. I made another joke that he did not understand was when I made the comment that we could use the duct tape in his friends tool box to fix the wiper. He was so confused that he said "You need tape?" I thought oh no he doesn't understand the joke. lol I have discovered not to tell him I will be right back because he takes that as the Gospel Truth. I went to see my aunt and I didn't come back until a hour and a half later. Oh mercy ... I don't say that anymore. It made me him upset because he thought I would be right back within 5 minutes. Eeek! lol

I do not have children but their are the furry 4 legged kind. I have 1 dog and 2 cats. My dog's name is Payosa. It was Payoso at first but that is for a male clown and it did not quite apply because she is a female so we stuck an "A" on the end. She is a hyper thing. She got in some serious trouble when she ran though the middle of the garden this past summer. He wanted to whipped her behind and she had the expression was like "What, Daddy I am helping?" lol

The cats name are Perry and Peachy and they are both female. I read their personalities wrong when they were kittens. I thought Perry was going to be a devil cat and Peachy was going to be the lover. I was very wrong on that assessment. Perry is a lap kitty and Peachy is stand offish. We have to sneak up on Peachy to pet her. Peachy is getting better but she still gives you this look of "No don't touch me!!" They are great beggars too. They come and stand on their hind legs and look in the screen door window. They give us the most pitiful look like we are totally depriving them and that they have not eaten in days. The problem is they are spoiled and we did it.

Peachy made a visit to the kitchen window Thanksgiving morning. I was in the kitchen cutting up the onions and celery for the stuffing when I heard a noise. I turned around and looked where the noise was coming from and there she was peering at me though the window. I chuckled and said "Good morning Peachy. I see you baby girl." It made me chuckle so I had to get a picture of her.

I own livestock well they are actually the boyfriend's but I gave them names. Their names or Ginny, Hinny, and Rocket. He bought them for eggs but he will have to wait until the spring for them. They are funny creatures. They talk with their chicken language. Rocket discovered that he has the ability to crow. I was starting to think he was sick until I heard him crow at 5:40 one morning. He did it with pride too!

Well, I need to close this post. I got many things to do. Payosa gets off her "House Arrest" today. She has had a neck guard on for six days and has hated it. It had to be put on when she was spayed. She would not leave her stitches alone.

She is going to be a very happy puppy!

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