Monday, April 16, 2012

Facebook Like & Copy, Paste, Post OVERLOAD

I am sure this has been a question many have wondered but why the  heck does people like everything from my puppy sneezed to I have a raging temperature of 120? (I know, I know I exaggerated. Well alright maybe closer to 103 but you get the gist.) It drives me crazy. Now the funny thing about this post is I would not mind you clicking "like" if I posted this on Facebook because the situation would be appropriate but would I not contributing to the thing that already drives me crazy? (No, I don't lie awake at night contemplating this and that it is a controversy to drive Millie crazy even though it does!)  I don't understand how Facebook can not do one of those "updates" so we could have several other cool buttons to click on. They could get really creative and put many other icons on the page to choose from.
Thumbs down for don't like. Two thumbs up for agree.
We could be really hip and make it a side ways thumb if you think the person is a cool cat. (Hmm, that is really dating me. Oh no!) No, lets not do the middle finger icon even though many of us have had that thought race through our head. (Yes, sadly I admit I have. Maybe even silently cursing to myself about the stupidity of someone's post.)
Why not add some smiley with a eyes roll when a person posts something that is so outlandish none of us agree with it. We could get more creative with a paper shredder icon. Use that as a comment when someone says copy, paste, and post if you love your 10 cousin removed. I would fill the page up with that icon. No, I am not going to become some evil person with hair growing on my elbows and out my ears because I didn't post the Facebook's version of a remorse filled chain letter about long lost loved one.  Sorry it doesn't work that way. Uggggh, anyway I could go on and on about we could include a bunch of really cool graphics to destroy a post with a bulls eye icon and gun or even add rain bows and butterflies to pretty up the page but there is a simple fix. Facebook needs to add the dislike button everybody has been asking for a long time and Millie can feel free not to punch her computer screen when someone "likes" something really stupid. Now that I have ranted long enough I know you really wish you could like this post. (lol)

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